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iPhone 11 64gb

From ₦42,000/month

iPhone 11 128gb

From ₦46,600/month

11 pro max 64gb

From ₦56,500/month

11 pro max 128gb

From ₦58,900/month

iPhone 12 64gb

From ₦53,600/month

iPhone 12 128gb

From ₦80,800/month

12 pro 128gb

From ₦66,500/month

12 pro 256gb

From ₦70,000/month

12 pro max 128gb

From ₦72,300/month

12 pro max -256gb

From ₦78,500/month

iPhone 13 128gb

From ₦60,000/month

iPhone 13 256gb

From ₦67,600/month

13 pro 128gb

From ₦77,000/month

13 pro 256gb

From ₦85,750/month

13 pro max 128gb

From ₦82,250/month

13 pro max 256gb

From ₦91,590/month

Apple watch series-7 45mm

From ₦32,600/month

Apple watch series-7 41mm

From ₦30,300/month

Apple watch series-6 44mm

From ₦30,300/month

Apple watch series-3 42mm

From ₦15,200/month

Airpod max

From ₦43,600/month

Airpod 3

From ₦15,000/month

Airpod pro

From ₦16,690/month

Airpod 2

From ₦11,600/month

MacBook Pro M1 chip 512/8gb

From ₦110,800/month

MacBook Pro M1 chip 512/16gb

From ₦175,000/month

MacBook Air 2020/2021 256/8gb

From ₦71,200/month

MacBook Air 2020/2021 512/8gb

From ₦85,750/month

iPad Pro 12.9 inches WiFi only

From ₦82,850/month

iPad Pro 12.9 inches WiFi cellular

From ₦87,500/month

iPad Air-4 64gb 10.9 inches

From ₦51,350/month

iPad 64gb 10.2 inches

From ₦40,750/month

Fold3 Dual sim

From ₦95,700/month

Fold3 Single sim

From ₦84,000/month

Flip3 256gb

From ₦58,900/month


From ₦57,000/month

Game Pad

From ₦8,200/month

LG Front Load Washer 6.5kg

From ₦36,400/month

LG 7Kg Washer

From ₦42,200/month

LG Front Load Washer 7.5kg

From ₦38,400/month

LG Side by Side Refrigerator 679L

From ₦84,600/month


From ₦40,300/month


From ₦50,200/month

LG NeoChef Solo Microwave

From 21,600/month

LG Chest Freezer 450L

From ₦62,900/month

LG 83” OLED 4K Smart TV with AI

From ₦466,550/month

LG 65” Cinema OLED 4K Smart TV

From ₦145,900/month

LG 86” UHD 4K Smart TV with AI

From ₦139,900/month

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